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Server Rules - mrbell11 - 02-14-2023

The Spectrum Jailbreak Rules

General Rules
1. Do NOT hack or abuse exploits.
2. Do NOT Mic Spam or Chat Spam.
3. Do NOT talk over the Warden.
4. No ghosting, advertising, or inappropriate sprays.
5. No Racism.
6. Do NOT impersonate or disrespect another player.
7. Staff have last say.
8. Do not disrespect staff, doing so will warrant punishment.
9. Opening/closing cells without warden permission is slayable
10. Warden must give an order by 9:30, if an order is not given by 9:30 it is a freeday!

Prisoner Rules

1. The last prisoner must be doing Last Request/Death Request or rebelling.
2. All last request must be honored the next day, death requests do not need to be honored.
3. Any prisoner with a gun whether holstered or not are automatically KOS.
4. No detours or delays is not

Guard Rules

1. Guards may not camp KOS areas, such as Armory, vents, catwalks. (Does not apply to WarDays)
2. Last guard must be actively searching to kill all prisoners.
3. Guards may not give prisoners a gun.
4. Guards may not harm/kill prisoners without a reason.
5. Guards may not block prisoners from obeying the Warden's' order.
6. Guards must listen to the orders given by the Warden.
7. Guards may only give simple orders that follow what the Warden has already instructed.
8. On freedays Guards may not give orders to Prisoners.

Warden Rules

1. If the Warden dies it automatically becomes a freeday, unless it is a KOS day E.G. Warday, Hide and seek, Siege Day, etc.)
2. Wardens may not force Prisoners to stay in an area without doing something (E.G. Cellday, Sitanddonothingday, etc.)
3. The Warden must have a mic.
4. The Warden must repeat orders if asked. He is only required to repeat an order 1 more time if asked.
5. The Warden must ask prisoners if they know how to play a specific game prior to playing the game. If a prisoner does not know a game the Warden must explain the game.
6. The Warden must allow text chat for answers.
7. The Warden must state "no detours or delays" if they want it implied in a command.

These Rules are subject to change (Last changed 2/14/23)